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The Full Story


My name is Eve López. I began my career as a photographer while attending H.S. in NYC at the tender age of 15. This was when I first held a 35mm film camera and processed my prints in a darkroom for years to come. From this moment on, I fell in love with Photography,  and in pursuit of perfecting my skills I acquired a degree in Arts with a concentration in Digital Photography. Today I own a photography studio in Brooklyn, NY and work with a number of clients, ranging from corporate to individuals. I specialize in portrait photography and its fine print.

-Eve Lopez, Owner



Two of my favorite things are photography and people, so it is important for me to get to know my guests since it helps me understand their needs, wants, and what they value, which is why I appreciate positive and organic chemistry between myself and them. Not only does it add to the great experience, but it makes the session more enjoyable, and the images turn out AMAZING.


In essence, I am selling the psychological ability to understand what my client values, and turn it into a photograph.

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